Solo Female Travel in Morocco: The Good & The Bad

During my Morocco travel series, I received a lot of questions about the safety of traveling in Morocco as a woman. While my friend and I felt safe in Morocco, I recognize that the time we spent exploring by ourselves were limited. We spent the majority of our vacation exploring with a private guide who was really protective of us. In hopes of providing a balanced view of visiting Morocco, I asked my friend Rino to write about her solo travel trip to Morocco. Here’s a recap of her experience highlighting the good and the bad:

7 Must-See Sights in Fes

If you are considering visiting Morocco and want to visit a city that truly captures the spirit and culture of the country, visit Fes. The city of Fes, Morocco's third largest city, is home to over one million people. It was founded in the 8th century, and still has a distinct traditional charm to it. During our visit, we went on a half-day tour of Fes with Morocco Easy Tours.

How to Dress in Morocco

Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country, where modesty in all aspects of life is key. I was in Morocco, during Ramadan (a holy month of fasting), which was even more reason to be mindful of my attire. While exploring the medina in Marrakech there were several tourists who wore shorts and crop tops. Our guide told us it was extremely disrespectful towards the culture, especially given it was the holy month. In general, it is advised to cover your shoulders, knees, mid-drift, and avoid low-cut tops particularly while in the medina and rural areas.

Essential Things to Know Before Your Overnight Stay in the Sahara Desert

After months of sitting on my Pinterest board, in June my dream of going on a camel trek in the Sahara Desert finally came true! The entire experience was blissful and surreal. The days leading up to our trek were incredibly busy, making riding a camel through the Sahara the meditative retreat I needed. In that moment, everything slowed down. I soaked up the beauty of the orange sand dunes that surrounded us, sung Lion King songs with my friend, and took time to express gratitude and be in the moment. If you are looking for items to add to your bucket list, this is it! It's the perfect mix of adventure and tranquility.

Bed & Breakfast Meets Textile Heaven: A Review of Accommodations in Morocco

My friend Fi and I were recently reminiscing about our trip to Morocco. I asked her how would she describe the accommodations and she responded, "Bed & Breakfast meets textile heaven". Her description was spot on! Whether we were at a riad (a traditional Moroccan house with an interior courtyard), a hostel or a hotel, we were constantly amazed by the exquisite architectural and decorative details.

7- Day Itinerary for Morocco

I've been fascinated by Morocco for years. Morocco is a North African Muslim country that is a melting pot of Arab, Berber, European, and African people and culture. This blend of influences created some of the most beautiful architecture I've seen, from earth-colored buildings to colorful tiled palaces. The majority of Morocco's landscape is mountainous with slopes that slowly turn into plateaus and valleys. The people were warm and welcoming. My trip was like a really good dream that I didn't want to wake up from!

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Around in Accra

Figuring your way around a new city can be super fun and exciting, but also a bit stressful. What helps me alleviate my stress when using public transportation abroad is knowing the do’s and don’ts of the local system. After a year+ of living in Ghana, I’ve mastered a few tricks that I am excited to share with you!  

Here are 4 essential tips you need to know to get around Accra with ease:

Practice Makes Perfect: The Art of Bargaining in Markets in Ghana

My best friend has been living in Ghana for the past year, but has traveled back and forth to the city since 2009. One of the many great things about this, is that she's developed amazing bargaining skills! Before we went shopping at the markets she schooled my friends and me on the art of bargaining in Ghana. I admit it's hard, but just like anything the more you do it the easier it becomes! 

Essential Items You Need for a Healthy Trip to Ghana

I'm off to Accra, Ghana to visit my best friend Carolina who moved there over a year ago to help launch Teach for Ghana. I will be joined by my other two best friends Maritza and Frances. I'm so excited to explore Ghana with my girls, and to check off my bucket list item of celebrating my birthday abroad! I turn 27 on October 2nd (shout out to all my Libras!).

Here is my packing list of the essential items I needed to make this a healthy trip!