Lessons Learned From My First Year Of Blogging (That Apply to Everyday Life)

It's my one year blogiversary! Every year, during special occasions like my birthday and the new year, I take time to reflect on my growth and lessons learned over the past year. travelJewels was born from my frustration of graduating from a top public health graduate school program, going through 9 months of applying to over 50 jobs, having numerous informational interviews and a lot of close calls, and still not getting an offer! 

Liebster Award 2017

The Liebster Award is an online-only award that bloggers use to applaud their favorite new bloggers. I've been on this blogging journey for 8 months and really pour my heart into my blog, so it was nice to be recognized by the blogging community through a Liebster nomination.

Giving Thanks: 5 Times Strangers Helped Me During My Travels

It seems virtually impossible to avoid negative news on TV and even our social media feeds. With the bombardment of such negativity it is easy to fall in a cycle of hopelessness for humanity. I strive to practice gratitude daily, so that even in these dark times I am reminded of the good.

While not ignoring the challenges that we must work to overcome, this post will highlight 5 particular acts of kindness from people that could have easily avoided involvement, yet chose to help me, a much appreciative stranger get through many unfortunate situations while traveling.

5 Lessons Learned from My Travel Disaster

This past summer I went on an amazing two week road trip throughout Europe. If you kept up with my trip recap series, you would have seen mostly highlight reels of beautiful buildings, historical monuments, selfies, and gorgeous city views. But, the reality is traveling isn't always as glamorous as pictures suggest. While my trip ran relatively seamless, my travel back home was a DISASTER! 

Here's a run-through of my 30+ hour nightmare journey home from Warsaw to North Carolina and the 5 lessons I learned along the way: