Travel Items I Never Leave the House Without!

When I reflect on when I first started traveling, I bust out laughing thinking about how bad of a packer I was! While preparing for my first international trip to study in South Africa, I asked one of my close friends to come over and help me figure out what I really needed. Even after consulting with her, while in South Africa I didn't use half of the things I bought with me! It took some time, but over the years I have refined my packing system. I use 95% of the stuff I bring and the remaining 5% are items I bring for emergencies that thankfully I don't have to use every time. No matter where I travel in the world, here are the travel items I never leave the house without:

3 Important Things to Do Before You Book Your Accommodation

Four years ago, I went on my first trip to Europe where I visited Rome, Paris & Barcelona! I was traveling with my friend who couldn't be convinced to stay in hostels, so we decided to stay in hotels. We selected our hotels based solely on cheap prices, which worked out ok in our Paris & Barcelona hotels. However, our daily 40 minute bus ride commute from our hotel in Rome to key attractions was not something I was expecting! 

Reflecting on my Rome trip, I realized that time is just as valuable as money! It's all about finding the balance of having an affordable stay that maximizes your vacation time. If you want to achieve this vacation sweet spot, here are 3 key things you need to do before you book your accommodation:

There's an App for That: 12 Must-Have Apps for Your Next Trip Abroad

Apps are a great way to eliminate unnecessary issues during travel. Being a few weeks away from my Euro excursion has me in major trip planning mode and one of the things I’m considering is what apps to use during my trip. I surveyed a few of my globetrotting friends asking about their favorite apps to use during their adventures. Here is list of apps that will assist you with language barriers, money management, staying connected, navigation & guides, and trip organization. All of the apps are free or low cost and available for Android & iOS.