12 Must-Have Apps for Your Next Trip Abroad

Mobile applications (apps) are a great way to eliminate unnecessary issues during travel. Being a few weeks away from my Euro excursion has me in major trip planning mode and one of the things I’m considering is what apps to use during my trip. I surveyed a few of my globetrotting friends asking about their favorite apps to use during their adventures.  

Below is a list of apps that will assist you with language barriers, money management, staying connected, navigation & guides, and trip organization. All of the apps are free or low cost and available for Android & iOS.

Language Barriers:

Although English is a widely spoken language, you shouldn’t assume that everyone will speak English regardless of where you travel. Google translate can translate between 103 languages by typing and it has instant camera translation! Some of its features do operate offline.

Money Management:

To avoid burning holes in your pockets, it’s important to keep track of conversion rates. Also, it’s great to have a system where you can settle sharing bills and IOUs when you travel with friends. XE Currency Exchange is the most downloaded currency exchange app. It can be used offline.  Spiltwise is a personal favorite of mine. It makes splitting expenses with friends a stress free process through its automated calculations and reminder features. You can even settle your bills through PayPal and Venmo! It can be operated offline in Androids only.

Stay Connected:


If you don’t want to purchase an international plan for your cellphone, communication through wifi is the next best thing. Wifi Finder is a genius application that will help you find free Wifi hotspots in over 50 countries. It operates offline (you’ll be surprise at how many wifi finders require an internet connection). WhatsApp is an awesome way to communicate with people (especially when you are abroad). You can message and call people, send pictures and videos, share locations, and participate in group chats. It doesn’t operate offline.

Social Scene

There are a variety of apps that can help you get plugged into the local social scene. Couchsurfing is not only a source for free accommodation, but also a great way to meet locals and find out about local events. Their global community includes over 9 million travelers  ready to make meaningful cross-cultural connections. It doesn’t operate offline. Facebook’s search engine is a great way to find local events. Simply type in a few keywords related to your location of interest and you can find related public groups. It doesn’t operate well offline.

Instagram is another way to locate local events. #hashtag your way into local happenings. It doesn’t operate well offline.

Navigation & Guides:

Sometimes you will get lost and there won’t be any locals in sight to help you.

Google maps is dope because you can download offline maps! This is going to be extremely useful for me as I road trip throughout Eastern Europe.

Triposo is a comprehensive and extremely organized app that gives you information on walking tours, restaurants, nightlife, hotels, sightseeing locations, etc. This can be extremely useful if you haven’t done a ton of research prior to your trip. It’s a country specific app so you should search for Triposo and the name of the country you are traveling to. Best part is it operates offline!

Yelp is a reliable way to find food recommendations. They have over 100 million reviews globally. My first preference before Yelp would be to ask a local for suggestions. It has limited offline capability.


TripIt stores all of the information from plane tickets, hostels, and travel information in one place for use off-line.

What are some of your favorite apps to use while you are abroad?


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