The Liebster Award is an online-only award that bloggers use to applaud their favorite new bloggers. I’ve been on this blogging journey for 8 months and really pour my heart into my blog, so it was nice to be recognized by the blogging community through a Liebster nomination.

I was given the Liebster Award by the lovely Stephanie Fox of the Stephanie Fox: Newcastle & Travel blog. Stephanie is a Newcastle, UK native who uses her platform to provide a local’s perspective on all things Newcastle! And her expertise doesn’t stop there – she also has insightful content on a number of European countries, the USA, and Mexico. Her insta-blogs posts will definitely inspire you to book a flight ASAP. My favorite is her Insta-Photos of Newcastle post, which gives you a taste of the U.K. outside of London. Also, if you plan on celebrating Christmas in Europe, consult her Christmas posts to learn about the best Christmas markets and holiday celebrations!

Here are the questions Stephanie asked me:

1. Where was your first ever trip abroad?
My first ever trip abroad was when I studied Community Health & Social Policy in Durban, South Africa for a semester. It was also the second time I’d ever flown. My summer in South Africa was a unique experience – I spent half of the semester living with a home-stay family in a township and the other half was spent doing independent study.

One of the best parts of my study abroad experience was living with a family in a township.

2. Is there anywhere you could go back to again and again and never get bored of?
I could probably go to South Africa a million times and discover something new each time. During graduate school, I returned to South Africa to complete my summer internship in Cape Town. When I studied in Durban, I took a weekend trip to Cape Town and loved it. It was nice to explore the city in more depth.

A stunning view of one of the 7 wonders of the world: Table Mountain in Cape Town.

3. Where is the strangest place you have been?
Visiting Ruin Bars in Budapest is definitely among the strangest places I’ve been to. They started as an underground bar scene created by young people after WWII. Even today, they are a major part of the social scene in Budapest and definitely worth checking out. There are so many to choose from and the decor is super eccentric.

Ruin Bars, a place where a flying Owl with a human body is the norm!

4. Where is the most luxurious place you’ve been?
The most luxurious place I’ve ever been was the Senses Restaurant in Kraków. It was one of the most exquisite culinary experiences I’ve had to date. I wrote about my experience here.

The meal presentation at Senses was truly art!

5. If you had to plan a day for someone visiting your home, what would you suggest?
I’m from NYC, where there are an endless amount of things to do! I’m a huge fan of NYC parks. I would recommend a visitor start out at Battery Park, take the train to the Highline Park, then get back on the train and visit Central Park. Between strolling around in the parks and taking the train, you will truly get a glimpse of NYC’s special personality.

Gorgeous Sunset at Battery Park in NYC during the Fall!

6. What is your favourite dish you’ve tried abroad?
I’ve had a lot of amazing food abroad, but I’m going to say that no matter where I am in Italy, the food never disappoints. I love having Italian Pizza – no taste can ever compare. As a New Yorker, I thought I had experienced some great pizza, but nope, Italy wins all the way!

7. Where is the furthest place you’ve been from home?
The furthest place from home that I’ve visited is Siem Reap, Cambodia (8,750 miles away from NYC)!

Angkor Watt Temples in Siem Reap!

8. Is there anywhere you don’t want to visit?
I’m open to visiting most places as long there is a relatively stable political environment. And even then, I prefer not to rely on sensationalized media sources but to get connected with locals or people who’ve been there to get their genuine opinion. A lot of people will write off visiting South Africa because of this perception that it can be dangerous. However, in my opinion, the crime there was no worse than in NYC. It’s all a matter of perspective sometimes!

9. Where in the world is your favorite sunset?
Prague by far had the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever witnessed. The backdrop of the city’s castles and neo-gothic buildings was something out of a fairytale.

The moment when you legit think you woke up on the set of Once Upon a Time.

10. What is on your travel list for 2017?
Morocco, Portugal, Spain,  & Brazil!! I can’t wait!

Thank you, Stephanie, for the nomination! Now, I’m passing the torch and nominating a few of my favorite new travel and lifestyle bloggers I’ve been reading lately. They all offer an unique perspectives and great travel tips.

Mary Vin Rose– Mary is a beauty and fashion event planner that blogs about travel, lifestyle, and beauty. Her aim to inspire others to be authentic and live life fully! Her Top 5 tips for traveling to Italy post is super helpful. The LITMO Life– Anjali is a former lawyer who quit her job to travel full-time. The LITMO life encourages people to design their own life to be happy and live in the moment. I love her incredibly useful How-to posts. Wet Laundry– Jordyn is an American freelance dancer living in Amsterdam. Her blog is super fun and includes Amsterdam hotspots, lifestyle and travel tips. Where’s Nuria– Nuria is a Barcelona-based blogger with a passion for travel, photography, and food. One of my favorite posts is her London on a Budget article (yup, it’s possible!).

Congrats ladies! Here are my questions to you:

  1. What’s your favorite thing about being a travel blogger?
  2. What are your top three items you never travel without?
  3.  What place would you recommend everyone travel to? Why?
  4. What’s your favorite dessert you’ve had abroad?
  5. What is the most adventurous thing you’ve done abroad?
  6. Have you ever experience a travel nightmare? How did you recover from it?
  7. What’s your go-to resource for the best travel deals?
  8. What souvenir do you always bring back from every trip?
  9. What is your favorite travel app?
  10. Where are you heading in 2017?


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