6 Types of People You Should Have in Your Travel Crew

I’ve been blessed with awesome travel partners. Reflecting on the different types of personalities, I realized there are 6 types of people you should have in your travel crew. Having these people in your crew, you can almost guarantee the trip will be a success! They are:

1. Planners

These people LOVE organizing trips. They are the ones who get a high off of finding great flight deals and don’t mind getting an itinerary together for the group. For them, Google Spreadsheets are life!

2. Photographers

Impromptu photoshoot in Lugano, Switzerland!

They are the VISIONARIES of the group. They can spot a great photo opportunity from a mile a way and can tell you what angles are the best. Most of your legendary IG pictures are due to this person’s skills.

3. Navigators

Deciding on what biking route to take in Bornholm, Denmark.

You will never get lost with them around. Drop them in any city, give them a map and they can find their way around town. These are the type of people who can follow directions, like “go 5 kilometers North”, without an issue. 

4. Linguists

It only takes a few DuoLingo lessons before they can become conversational in a language. Their knack for languages allows them to easily converse with the locals. Language barriers are overcome a little bit easier with them around.

5. People Person

They make friends with EVERYONE in the most random places. They have the gift of gab and can get you into the most exclusive spots.

6.  Problem Solvers

They are great at thinking on their feet when things don’t go according to plan. They are good at containing their emotions to identify the best solution to the problem at hand.

Vacation Problems: How to get little kids out of your picture without looking like a jerk ? 🙂

I realize that you may relate with more than one of these traits (I’m definitely the Planner and the People Person in my travel crew). Who are you in your travel crew?


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    I am definitely the planner! My husband is the photographer…and I’d say we’re "in search of" the people person! We do fairly well covering off on the others (depending where we are of course!). This was a fun post – makes me want to travel somewhere fun soon!

    1. Jewels Rhode

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post! I hope you go somewhere awesome in 2017! And yayy to being the planners :). It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it!

  2. Sheila Spencer

    Enjoyed your post! I tend to be the planner regarding researching available activities and the itinerary. Not so much on booking the flights, etc.

    1. Jewels Rhode

      Thank you! And yayy for a fellow planner!

  3. CoCo Gingrass

    These are great! I tend to fill many of these roles when I travel. Except I’m terrible at remembering to take photos. I just like to experience things first hand and not through the lens

    1. Jewels Rhode

      Thank you!! You know I totally agree with you on experiencing things first hand and not through lenses. I’m trying to find a balance. As a travel blogger I find myself always wanting to capture a great shot, but I’ve been having to make a conscious effort to put my camera down.

  4. korea phil

    This is a great post! I am a planner and just a planner. Haha! The rest of those characteristics belong to my travel partner. Although there are times that I am also a photographer but it’s very rarely in our travel trips that I will photograph the countries. Your post reminded me that I should starting planning for our trip this 2017.

    1. Jewels Rhode

      Thank you!!! Yay planners! Happy trip planning!

  5. Jessica Lynn

    Looooove this post, and it makes me want to go somewhere right now. I’m probably a planner and a people person, and I wish I had a photographer to travel with 🙂

    1. Jewels Rhode

      Thanks Jessica! Sometimes I wish I had a private photographer who can just follow me on my trips and take awesome shots, but I think that’s excessive lol and I will just stay content with my friends. 🙂

  6. Marette Flora

    I am kind of two of these, a planner and photographer! I love traveling with positive people.

    1. Jewels Rhode

      Same here! Being surrounded by positive energy makes for a great trip no matter what happens.

  7. Alexis S.

    I spent a few months in Europe last summer and met people that could fill every bullet point in this list. It’s refreshing to travel among such different people!

    1. Jewels Rhode

      It really is! I love traveling with a diverse group. It brings great perspective.

  8. Meghan Bliss

    I’m definitely the planner, but as I was reading these I realized I am NONE of the other things! I always try to remember to take pictures (I’m getting better at that), but I’m definitely not a navigator or a people person. (Wayyy too introverted. :-P) These are great…and true!

    1. Jewels Rhode

      Thanks for reading!! Go Planners 🙂

  9. Kathryn Kinsley (Katie)

    I love to travel, but I’ve never traveled with a group of friends!

    1. Jewels Rhode

      Solo travel is great, you kind of have to be all these people in one. 🙂

  10. J Young

    What a fun post! I would say I’m probably the planner and the photographer. My husband is definitely the linguist and the problem solver. He’s good at fixing problems, I just tend to freak out about it, lol.

    1. Jewels Rhode

      Thank you!! lol I understand! Sometimes it’s hard to avoid the initial freakout about problems 🙂

  11. Jackie G

    I’m definitely the planner of the group! Sometimes drives my husband nuts since I like to plan everything and he likes spontaneity, but somehow it works!

    1. Jewels Rhode

      Yes, same here the balance between planning and spontaneity is something that I’m constantly working on. Although, it’s way easy for me to be spontaneous when I’m abroad because there is just so much out of my control.

  12. Sheila Schweiger-Rhodes

    Jewels! First of all, I love your name. Secondly, I am the same as you. I am forever being asked what is the agenda although spreadsheets are not my forte! You nailed it with who needs to be in your crew, but you should also have a foodie who scoped out all the great places to eat and the prices. 🙂 Blessings to you!

    1. Jewels Rhode

      Thanks Sheila!!! And yesss you are right! Foodie is a great addition to this list. Good eats are essential 🙂 Blessings to you too!!

  13. Stephanie Jeannot

    Valid points. You need a great photographer and definitely a linguist to help you communicate.

  14. Anna Nuttall

    My husband is the photographer, planner and navigator. I’m the worrier and the nervous one. Which work out well when we travel. xx

    1. Jewels Rhode

      Sounds like a balanced couple 🙂

  15. Linn Falkenberg

    As I travel alone quite often, luckily I am a bit of all. Sadly too little of the linguist though, so I have to work on that 🙂

    1. Jewels Rhode

      Yes to being an all-in-one! There’s are tons of apps to help with the linguist part. Google translate has some offline features.

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