Mashpi Lodge- Review of a Luxurious Ecuador Rainforest Lodge

Recognized by National Geographic as one of the most unique lodges in the world, Mashpi Lodge & Reserve is what Nature Lovers’ dreams are made of. Located only 3 hours away from Quito within the Chocó Andino Biosphere Reserve, the Mashpi Reserve is a 2,500-acre private reserve. It is considered both a rainforest and cloud forest, which is a rainforest that is at a higher elevation. Over 400 species of birds, 43 species of amphibians, and 65 species of reptiles many of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world can be spotted in the Mashpi Reserve. The story of Mashpi Lodge & Reserve is rooted in conservation. Prior to Mashpi becoming a protected area, the logging companies were in the process of cutting down all of the trees and the locals cleared the land for farming, which was the primary business and opportunity source in the area. Metropolitan Touring bought the land from the logging company as a way to preserve this uniquely rich ecosystem and provide lucrative career paths for the locals.

The Mashpi Lodge Experience

A stay at Mashpi is an:


includes all gourmet meals and non-alcoholic drinks


there are only 19 rooms and 3 suites

Tailored travel and educational experience

you are assigned an Expedition Leader who leads you and your party through your desired excursions in the rainforest and guide you through Mashpi’s biodiversity

Mashpi Lodge Dining

Expect to receive top-notch service and luxury experiences at Mashpi including at the dining hall. Every meal was gourmet, 3-courses, and looked and tasted like a work of art. I have a severe nut allergy and my waiter was great at making sure my plate stayed nut-free. The dining room is the perfect mix of contemporary minimalist design with elements of warmth. Enjoying my meals with the stunning forest views elevated the dining experience even more.

Mashpi Lodge Rooms

Every room and suite in Mashpi is forest facing. Waking up to these lush fauna views and birds chirping is something I still daydream about. Each room is packed with excursion essentials like water bottles, bug spray, and hand sanitizer for your convenience.

A well-rounded perspective of the Rainforest

Mashpi offers a variety of unique excursions that allow you to immerse yourself in its different ecosystems. Here’s how I spent two days getting acquainted with Mashpi:

Day 1

Life Center

Our first adventure was a hike to the Life Center deck where we watched different species of birds come to feed. Our guide brought a telescope for us to catch the birds up close.

Butterfly Garden

At the Life Center, we stopped by the enchanting Butterfly Garden. This was my first time seeing butterflies at all of their life stages. Be prepared for them to fly around and land on you.

Night Wildlife Hike

Armed with our headlamps and our Expedition Leader, Paul, we ventured into the forest at night where it comes alive with creatures you can only spot after dark. We saw a variety of frogs, snakes, and spiders. Paul was extremely skilled at spotting animals that we would have otherwise missed.

Day 2

Observation Tower

We kicked off our 2nd day with a hike to the Observation Tower where we climbed 8 stories in hopes of potentially catching one of the best views of the rainforest. Unfortunately, nature had other plans and it was cloudy while we were there so we didn’t catch much of a view.

Sky Bike Through the Rainforest

One of my favorite excursions was peddling through the rainforest with the Sky Bike. It was a unique way to take in the canopy and definitely a workout!

Yoga & Hot tub

Mashpi has a beautiful open air yoga studio with an adjacent hot tub. After a long morning of hiking and peddling, we treated ourselves to a quick yoga session before our next round of excursions. We ended the night with a champagne toast in the hot tub!

Waterfall Hike

There’s nothing like a waterfall hike to cleanse the mind. We jumped right into our next adventure of trekking through the forest and streams to catch waterfalls. There’s an option to go swimming, but our group opted out. Mashpi graciously provides water shoes and high-quality ponchos, which were much needed as we walked through muddy and wet terrains in the rain.

Dragon Fly Gondola

The Dragon Fly Gondola is an open-cable car system that transports you through the forest canopy at heights up to 200 ft above the forest floor. The Dragon Fly moves at a snail’s pace so you take in all of the panoramic views.

Spa Services

After two days of nonstop adventures, we treated ourselves to a body massage and exfoliation at Mashpi’s award-winning Spa! I left feeling replenished and my skin felt like butter. It was the perfect way to wrap up the trip.

Since we spent the last two days living in outdoor gear, we decided to spice things up and get dressed up for our final dinner!

Mashpi, you were magical and owe me nothing!

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Disclaimer: I was a guest of Metropolitan Touring during my trip to the Mashpi Reserve, however, all opinions expressed here are my own.


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