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Hi, Jewels Rhode here!

Welcome to Travel Jewels, where I’m on a mission to ignite your passion for living life to the fullest through the magic of travel and wellness.

My Story

Rejection Redirected Me to Create Travel Jewels

In 2015, I graduated from one of the top graduate schools for public health in the country. And despite doing everything by the book like attending academically strong universities and acquiring solid internship and work experience, I had difficulty finding a full-time job in my field. After applying to 50 positions and only making limited progress, I decided to pause and reflect on what I needed to do differently.

In self-reflection, I realized that I neglected my creative side during my graduate school years and it was time to nourish that part of my identity. From there, my next step became clear-- create my own opportunities rather than wait for them to be handed to me. My passion for travel spans many years, and those close to me have often suggested that I start a blog. After putting it off for far too long, I finally decided to make the leap.

Whether you‘re a student or working full-time, my goal is that my tips, tricks, and experiences across 44 countries can help you actualize your travel and wellness goals!

If you are…

Looking to maximize your paid time off,

Seeking your own personal balance,

Craving authentic adventures,

You are in the right place.

I’m here to help you create carefree journeys.

Why Travel?

Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

Being born and raised in NYC, I was exposed to many cultures and loved the idea of travel; however, I didn't get the opportunity to travel until I went to college.

I embarked on my first international trip in 2010 when I traveled to Durban, South Africa to study community health & social policy. At first, I was extremely nervous, but at the end of the semester, I wished I could stay for the whole year.

South Africa was the first time I experienced the magic that happens when you step out of your comfort zone. My time there served as a catalyst for my travel lifestyle and identity ever since.

Back then, I experienced an Africa that wasn’t advertised in my school textbooks or TV shows. Africa’s absence from the spotlight sparked a desire in me to explore more of the world! If Africa was being misrepresented, what else was there to learn and discover on my own?

Travel = Wellness

My time in South Africa was also my first experience with the therapeutic effects of nature. One of the first activities was a hike up the Drakensburg Mountains. Honestly, this is something I would have never thought to do— I’m from Harlem and have had limited interaction with nature growing up. Nonetheless, my experience hiking up the mountain, despite my fears and multiple scary moments, was so liberating, calming, and beautiful.

On any given day, I’m juggling countless blog tasks while working full-time. Like many of you with passion projects, my mind is often fixed on what’s next. However, when I travel I’m able to escape my daily hustle and truly be more mindful of my presence in the moment. The most gratifying elements of travel for me have always centered around the people I’ve met in the places I’ve met them.

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