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 7- Day Guide to Social Events in Accra

7- Day Guide to Social Events in Accra

Accra ranks high in fun social activities! Ghanaians are very warm and welcoming people. When my friends and I went out, the vibes were always positive and lively, and the music was always on point! 

Here's your 7-day guide to social events in Accra: 


Coco Lounge

Address: Stanbic Heights building, Accra, Ghana

I had an awesome birthday dinner at Coco lounge. The ambiance was very cosmopolitan and the food was delectable. My favorite part was the choreographed salsa routine the servers do in lieu of singing Happy Birthday. You may want to brush up on your salsa beforehand, because after they bring your birthday cake, one of the servers will grab your hand for a quick dance. They have various events throughout the week. Check out their FB page to stay in the loop.


The Republic Bar & Grill

Address: Asafoatse Tempong St, Osu, Accra, Ghana

The Republic Bar & Grill is a small outside bar with a relaxed environment. But on Tuesday nights, it is the place to be! It's their karaoke night and it's hosted by an entertaining MC. They have an extensive song selection list that crosses a variety of music genres. My friends and I sung Lauryn Hill's Killing me Softly. The crowd is a mix of locals and expats. What makes Republic special is that they only use Ghanaian liquor to make their cocktails. 

In addition to their karaoke night, The Republic hosts many other events. Check out their FB page.



Address: Liberation Road, Accra

This was by-far one of the best nights (and I had many) while I was in Ghana. Wednesday night is Salsa night at Afrikiko. They have a huge outdoor space with a stage that's used initially for salsa lessons and then transitions to a medley of diversely skilled salsa dancers who range from novice to incredible! Around midnight they switched from salsa and played a variety of other music from hip hop to reggae to hi life (Ghanaian local music). My favorite part was getting on stage and learning some of the local line dances (think cha-cha slide on steroids). While there try their goat kebab with fries! It's so good!


If you want round 2 of an intense dancing and/or people watching night, check out Kizomba night at AfriKiko.


Friday is THE party night in Accra. Throughout the course of our stay we partied at the following places: 

Artwork at Firefly!


Address: H P Nyemitei St, Accra, Ghana

This is a lively small bar with great Afro-beat, hip hop and reggae music and intimate environment. It's an ideal place to start your night.


Address: Labone (This was the address on google, but any taxi driver would be able to direct you)

After Firefly, we went to Twist, which is one of Ghana's oldest nightclubs. I appreciated their music and fancy ventilation system (my edges were grateful). Twist has a huge dance floor and numerous booths to sit in. When we went there, there were guys grilling burgers  directly outside of the club. It was the perfect in between club snack and one of the highlights of my Ghana partying experiences (yup, food has that effect on me!).

Love this song!  It was played at all of the parties.


Address: Marina Mall, Airport City, Accra

We partied at SOHO our last Friday in Accra. This popular sushi restaurant transforms into a nightclub. As you can see from the picture below it gets really crowded, so your dance moves are limited to a two-step at best. 

SOHO on a Friday night! All the way up!

SOHO on a Friday night! All the way up!


Tea Baa

Address: 10 Klannaa street Osu, Accra

Saturday are recovery days. We had the most relaxing time at Tea Baa, an intimate and unique restaurant known for their delicious herbal iced-teas (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). The staff at Tea Baa were so amazing! It felt like we were in the home of a friend's well decorated house. We spent about four hours there eating, drinking, chatting, laughing, and playing taboo.

Accra Fashion Week

Address: Ghana Trade Fair Centre

Accra Fashion Week highlights various Ghanaian and international designers and offers different seminars. It's worth checking out if you are in Accra. When we went we saw the work of designers who just completed a 6-month fashion program. It was inspiring to see the stunning pieces they were able to create after such a short time.


On Sunday We Brunch!

Accra has a healthy appetite for brunching. Whether Ghanaians are joining family after church for a meal or catching up with friends, Ghana offers such great opportunities to munch and bond. Urban Grill has an assorted menu of options. A must try is their eggs Benedict and goat cheese special paired with a variety of flavorful breads and jams. Sit outside on the rooftop on a cool Sunday morning (they have a gorgeous green backdrop). Some other options on Sundays are visiting some of the big hotels like Kempinski Hotel and Labadi Beach Hotel for fancier brunch options including local and non local dishes. While at Labadi Beach hotel, take a stroll along the beach or take a short horse ride for 15 cedis ($4). If your looking for a more quaint brunch option check out Cafe Kwae, their Croque Monsieur is a definite must try plus they have really tasty natural juices!

Horseback riding at Labadi Beach Hotel!

Have you been to Accra? What would you add to this list?

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7 Day Guide to Social Events in Accra
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