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Cheap Holiday to Morocco: A Review of  Accommodations

Cheap Holiday to Morocco: A Review of Accommodations

My friend Fi and I were recently reminiscing about our holiday to Morocco. I asked her how would she describe the accommodations and she responded, "Bed & Breakfast meets textile heaven". Her description was spot on! Whether we were at a riad (a traditional Moroccan house with an interior courtyard), a hostel or a hotel, we were constantly amazed by the exquisite architectural and decorative details. I will never forget the feeling of peace and joy I felt while staying in our accommodations. We got a little taste of royalty (on a budget!). We had a cheap holiday to Morocco, as our accommodations ranged from $60-90 per night, which included all breakfasts and most dinners. All of the places we stayed at had strong customer service and delicious traditional meals! Here's a photo montage and a recap of our accommodations in Morocco:


Riad Shama

Most Likely to Give You an Instagram-Worthy Pool Shot

My first mint tea of my trip! It's customary for your riad to welcome you with mint tea.

Located in the heart of the medina in Marrakech, Riad Shama was our first taste of traditional Moroccan houses. It was about a 15 minute walk away from numerous restaurants, bars, and key attractions like the Jardin Marjorelle.

My favorite feature was the beautiful pool with its lush green backdrop. We got to enjoy breakfast by the pool and hear birds chirping in the morning, and I appreciated how tranquil it was in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the medina. The room was beautiful, but it was dimly lit because one of the ceiling lights blew out. Management didn't have the capacity to fix it that day, but we were only there for a night so we didn't make a huge deal about it.

Dade's Valley

Auberge Panorama

Most Likely to Make You Want to Eat All Your Meals on a Terrace

The Hamsa symbol can be found all throughout Morocco. It serves as a protection from evil and it also viewed as a sign of good luck. All of the keys for our accommodations were on Hamsa keychains.

The Auberge Panorama hostel takes the prize for best breakfast view during our trip. The panoramic view of Dade's Valley from the terrace was incredible! There was also a little patio in our room which was a nice touch. The wifi was limited. However, we were only there for a night and in a way it was nice to be disconnected for a little while. 


Auberge Le Petit Prince

Most Likely to Get You Excited About the Sahara Desert

The Auberge Le Petit Prince hotel is situated at the foot of the highest sand dune of Merzouga. We stored our bags overnight here while we camped in the Sahara Desert. The rooms were really basic (i.e. minimally decorated) and hot. I'm glad we didn't have to sleep there, but it served its purpose in storing our belongings and providing us with a shower and breakfast the morning after our long Sahara trek. The courtyard was gorgeous and the shower had great water pressure. Also, there were a colony of cats around. I know this may not be a good thing for some people but as someone who LOVES cats, I was fine with it. But, I did love these cats from a distance because I'm certain they weren't vaccinated. 


Riad Guennoun

Most Likely to Make You Want a To-Go Plate

While I didn't have a bad meal in Morocco, the dinner in Riad Guennoun was my favorite! I was obsessed with their dining room, which was very intimate and beautiful. This riad had magnificent 17th century architecture and decor and we had a lovely suite on the first floor. The only annoyance was that the noise from the medina carried into the room and it was incredibly loud late at night.

Riad Sultan

Most Likely to Make You Feel like Royalty

Riad Sultan was my favorite riad experience! Their interior courtyard and rooms would make anyone feel like royalty. Their rooftop had the most amazing view. After 3 days of attempting to wake up early enough to catch a sunrise, we were successful in Fes. Our initial room was on the very top floor but it was really hot and the air conditioning wasn't working properly. Once we notified the management, they immediately switched our rooms.


Darechchaouen Maison d'hores

Most Likely to Make You Never Want to Return Home

Ending our time in Morocco in Chefchaouen, aka Blue Pearl City, was magical and staying at Darechchaouen Maison d'hores made it even more special. This colorful boutique hotel is a 10 minute walk to the medina. The facility itself is stunning! I wish we had another day to just relax and enjoy the amenities.

Overall, my accommodation experience in Morocco was enchanting! Feel free to ask any questions in my comment box below!

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