Must-Have Experiences in Singapore

I'm a city girl at heart (born and raised in NYC), but over the years I've developed a deep appreciation for nature and greenery. Singapore is an interesting mix of the two. The country is committed to staying true to the feeling of being a "City in a Garden". In Singapore you'll see world class modern architecture surrounded by an abundance of plants and trees. Although small in size, 278 square miles, Singapore is one of Asia's largest economic and industrial powerhouses.

Useful Things to Know Before You Visit Bali

Memories of Bali's luscious green jungle landscape, undulating rice fields, stunning Hindu temples, volcanoes and the warm spirit of Balinese people are still very fresh in my mind. I recommend a trip to Bali for anyone who enjoys relaxing travel, mixed with adventure and vibrant culture. Here are some useful things to know before you visit Bali:


Bali on a Budget

My trip to Bali was such a mentally and physically revitalizing experience. One major highlight of this trip was how affordable it was. I spent 4 full days exploring different areas in Bali, had a private driver, stayed in a lovely villa, and ate amazing food for about $600! 

First-Timer's Guide to China

Being a school social worker is AMAZING; however, you’re forced to only travel when school is not in session. That means traveling when prices are the highest and families are also traveling with their children. Therefore I was beyond excited for the opportunity to help chaperone a trip for 16 high school art students to visit their sister art school in Shanghai, China! We also visited Beijing and Suzhou! Here's a first-timer guide to China including an overview of essential items to pack, important cultural norms to consider, and must-do activities in each city: