20+ Travel Affirmations for Your Upcoming Trips

Your mind has the power to make or break your travel experiences. Affirmations are short positive statements that detail who you want to be in a way that’s already true. Affirmations help us turn the self-limiting beliefs in our subconscious into new positive beliefs about ourselves. Having a list of positive affirmations handy is also a way to practice self-care while traveling.

When I think about how I overcame various travel mishaps over the years, repeating positive affirmations during tough times helped me stay grounded and open to problem-solving.

Below are 22 Travel Affirmations to help you get through your upcoming trips with ease and hopefully inspire you to create your own.

Pick 2 or 3 that resonate most with you and repeat them constantly and consistently.

Travel Affirmations for Health

My body is strong enough to get me through my travels.

My body carries me masterfully through this world.

I nurture my body with positive thoughts, good food, and a lot of rest.

Travel Affirmations for the Journey

I choose to be relaxed.

I am grateful to be in the position to explore the world.

I release my fears and can fully enjoy my journey.

Everything that I need today will be made available to me.

Travel Affirmations for When Things Don’t Go According to Plan

I will not stress over things outside of my control.

I release control of my itinerary.

I accept and welcome all experiences.

I let go of expectations.

I rise to overcome any challenges that come my way.

I welcome spontaneity in my travels.

Travel Affirmations for Safety

I am protected.

I am thankful for safe journeys.

I welcome peace into all my interactions with others.

My intuition is my guide and I trust where it is taking me.

Which affirmations did you feel most drawn to? Let me know in my comments!

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