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There's an App for That: 12 Must-Have Apps for Your Next Trip Abroad

Apps are a great way to eliminate unnecessary issues during travel. Being a few weeks away from my Euro excursion has me in major trip planning mode and one of the things I’m considering is what apps to use during my trip. I surveyed a few of my globetrotting friends asking about their favorite apps to use during their adventures. Here is list of apps that will assist you with language barriers, money management, staying connected, navigation & guides, and trip organization. All of the apps are free or low cost and available for Android & iOS. 

7-months Around the World as a Solo Female Traveler

Traveling really opens your eyes into what is important to you in life. I think people get so stuck in their daily grind and rat race that they lose perspective. When traveling, you take a step back from your daily life. It really allows you to tap into what makes you happy and reflect on what brings joy to your life. Traveling allows you to hit a pause button on all the noise in your life and have “me time” where you think about what you want to accomplish in life. How do I structure my life in a way to make me happy?