Being born and raised in NYC, I was exposed to many cultures and loved the idea of travel; however I didn't get the opportunity to travel until I went to college. I embarked on my first international trip in 2010, when I traveled to Durban, South Africa to study community health & social policy. At first, I was extremely nervous but at the end of the semester, I wished I could stay for the whole year. South Africa was the first time I experienced the magic that happens when you step out of your comfort zone. My time there served as a catalyst for my travel lifestyle and identity. I experienced an Africa that wasn’t advertised in my school textbooks or TV shows and that sparked a desire in me to explore more of the world! If Africa was being misrepresented, what else was there to learn and discover on my own?  

Since 2010, I’ve traveled to 30 countries where I've gone after new and authentic experiences. This was done through faith, good planning, and tight budgets, all while being a student or working full-time. 

In a time where it seems like our world is uncertain and sometimes scary, travelJewels showcases the amazing things and people you can see and meet the world over through travel. travelJewels shares tips and tricks to make world travel work for you!

So, try something new.

Seek the truth. And most importantly...

Let’s live a FULL life!