Holiday Shopping Guide for Travelers: 25 Functional Gifts Under $25

‘Tis the season of giving! As I have gotten older, I tend to gift more functional and meaningful items. Here’s my curated holiday gift guide for my fellow functional gift givers who are on a budget. It includes my favorite Amazon finds under $25 that will keep travel lovers organized, safe, comfortable, plugged in, and will help them preserve memories while traveling.


An organized travel bag makes for a pleasant travel experience.

  • Electronics Accessories Case– Travelers often have multiple cords with them. An electronic accessories case helps keep all of your essential tech items organized.

  • RFID Travel Wallet– Keep all your money, and important documents like passport, boarding passes, and tickets secure in a travel wallet that blocks against RFID.

  • Travel Toiletry BottlesOrganize your toiletries in TSA approved bottles.

  • Travel Toiletry Bag– Keep all of your toiletries together.

  • Packing Cubes– One thing I never leave the country without are my packing cubes. Seriously, every traveler should have some! They will keep your luggage neat and helps to conserve space.

  • Luggage Tags– Good for quick identification of luggage at baggage claim.

  • Shoe Bags– Store your shoes without getting your other belongings dirty.


Keep yourself and your belongings safe with the following items:

  • TSA Luggage Lock– Helps to secure luggage and provide a peace of mind while traveling.

  • Money Belt– Commonly used to discreetly store your cash, cards, and passport.

  • Cross body Satchel– A cross body satchel is my preferred bag of choice while traveling because my belongings are secured. For extra protection, I tend to wear my bag with the flap side facing inside.

  • Undercover Bra Pouch– A discreet solution to keeping cards and cash out of sight.

  • Personal Security Door stopper– Great gift for solo travelers looking to secure rooms from unauthorized entry.

  • Infinity Scarf with hidden pouch– Another discreet way of securing belongings like passport, credit cards, and cash.


Essentials to keep you comfortable while traveling:

  • Neck pillow, sleep mask, and earplugs set– This set is filled with items to traveling comfortably, especially if you are a sensitive sleeper.

  • Travel compression socks– Extremely necessary, particularly for long flights. Compression socks help to increase blood circulation and reduce the risk of swelling.

  • Portable travel foot rest– easy to use travel foot rest that can be used on the train, plane, and bus.

  • 3D Eye Mask– If traditional eye masks aren’t cutting it for you, 3D masks may be a better fit because your eyes won’t touch the fabric.


Electronic essentials needed during travel:


There you have it, 25 functional gifts that won’t put you in a hole this holiday season! These are gifts I’m sure any novice or experienced traveler would love!

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