Travel Items I Never Leave the House Without

When I reflect on when I first started traveling, I bust out laughing thinking about how bad of a packer I was! While preparing for my first international trip to study in South Africa, I asked one of my close friends to come over and help me figure out what I really needed. Even after consulting with her, while in South Africa I didn’t use half of the things I brought with me! It took some time, but over the years I have refined my packing system. I use 95% of the stuff I bring and the remaining 5% are items I bring for emergencies that thankfully I don’t have to use every time. 

No matter where I travel in the world, here are the travel items I never leave the house without:


Travel Backpack

In my travel backpack, I have the following items:

  • Snacks: Because being hangry ruins lives!

  • Compartmental Toiletry Organizer: I absolutely love my toiletry organizer! It has 4 removable compartments that rolls up into a cube (which saves a lot of space). It also nice to be able to hang it up.

  • First Aid Pouch: I’m a big fan of pouches. I’ve accumulated a lot over the years that I put to good use. My first aid pouch consists of Dramamine, anti-diarrheal medication, pain killers, band aids and anti-bacterial cream. Also, I recently added essential oils to my first aid kit.

  • Electronics Pouch: This stores my power adapter convertor, my portable charger, and Ipad charger.

  • Ipad

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Journal

  • Book

Cross-Body Satchel

A Cross-body satchel is my bag of choice when I travel overseas. It’s the best bag to protect yourself against pickpocketing and thieves. I keep my most important items closest to me.

  • Passport: While traveling I keep my passport handy, but once I reach my destination, I travel locally with copies of my passport.

  • Cell phone & charger

  • Headphones

  • Pen: Comes in handy especially when signing custom papers.

  • My Life-saving medication: Benedryl, Epi-pen, & Albuterol.

  • Hand sanitizer: You can never have too much of this!

  • Chapstick

On My Body

  • Blanket Scarf: I’m usually cold and airports tend to be iceboxes.

  • Travel pillow: Great on a long-haul flight or road trips.

Am I missing something? What are some travel items you don’t leave the house without? Let me know in the comments!

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