Strolling Through Charleston, SC: A Photo Essay

I brought in the new year in Charleston and spent some time on New Years day strolling through town in comfortable shoes while coming across historical monuments, centuries-old mansions, cobblestone streets, and Spanish moss oak trees. Here’s a photo montage of my experience:

South of Broad

The South of Broad street neighborhood is at the tip of the Charleston peninsula. It features stunning residential homes, numerous small alleys, private gardens, and majestic churches. There are several monumental public structures, including the Old Slave Mart Museum. Unfortunately, it’s closed on Sundays (the day I was there) but it gave me chills just looking from the outside.

Rainbow Row

Rainbow Row is probably the most instagrammed spot in Charleston. This iconic site consists of 14 brightly painted pastel color row houses. The row houses are distinctly Charleston-esque.

The Battery


The Battery features a charming stretch of Southern-style mansions overlooking the Charleston Harbor. I started my tour of the Battery at the Waterfront Park, then followed the walking paths on East Battery Street to White Point Gardens.

Waterfront Park

Even on a gloomy day, Waterfront Park offers gorgeous views of the Charleston Harbor. There is a long pier, gardens, fountains, walking paths, and benches available. It was so serene, and the perfect place to slow down my million-thoughts-per-minute mind and be present in the moment. 

*The swinging benches were really popular. I had to stake out a few minutes before one became available.

White Point Gardens

White Point Gardens is the place to go to find the stunning landscape of Fort Sumter and the Charleston Harbor. This historic waterfront park has a lot of green space, a beautiful gazebo in its center, and several Civil War era cannons, monuments, and statues.

Overall, I had a relaxing short stay in Charleston. The next time I visit, I want to spend an entire weekend in Charleston, go on a few tours, and delve deeper into the city’s rich history.

Have you visited Charleston? How was your experience?

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