What to Wear in Morocco

Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country, where modesty in all aspects of life is key. I was in Morocco, during Ramadan (a holy month of fasting), which was even more reason to be mindful of my attire. While exploring the medina in Marrakech there were several tourists who wore shorts and crop tops. Our guide told us it was extremely disrespectful towards the culture, especially given it was the holy month.

Here’s a guide to what to wear in Morocco while staying culturally appropriate, fashionable, and comfortable in the intense summer heat.

In general, it is advised to cover your shoulders, knees, mid-drift, and avoid low-cut tops particularly while in the medina and rural areas.


Our first night in Morocco, my friend Fi and I wandered the medina in Marrakech to visit Le Jardin, a very trendy restaurant. I wore an over-the-knee, high neckline, spaghetti strap linen dress that I covered with a light-weight open kimono. While walking through the crowded medina, I wore my kimono. Le Jardin was definitely a hotspot for foreigners, so I felt comfortable removing my kimono for a bit while inside.

Light-weight clothing.

Our second day in Morocco was spent driving from Marrakech to Dades Valley via the Atlas Mountains, with a lot of stops in rural areas along the way. I wore a halter pant jumpsuit with a long-line floral kimono. Despite the incredibly hot weather, I was really comfortable in this outfit because all the items were light-weight.

Breathable clothing.

One key to staying cool in the summer is to wear clothing made with breathable fabrics like cotton, chambray, rayon, linen, and blends. My first day in the Sahara, I wore a loose fitting sleeveless tank with leggings. The second day I wore a racer back shirt with light-weight pants. I also kept a jacket handy because it was chilly in the mornings. 

My rule of thumb was that I was ok exposing my shoulders while in remote, less crowded areas. That’s why I opted for a more covered look ( scooped back tank, high-waisted culotte pants, paired with a kimono) when we walked through the medina of Chefchaouen.

Traditional Moroccan clothing.

My traditional Moroccan kaftan was perfect outfit for my half-day tour of Fes. The dress was really comfortable and people were genuinely happy to see us in their traditional garments.

As you can see there are an abundance of options to dress and remain cool, look great, and most importantly culturally appropriate in Morocco!

What are some of your favorite clothing items to wear when traveling to modest countries?

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