6 Vacation- Ready Hairstyles

I LOVE my hair! It’s versatile and cooperates on most days. Typically when I travel, the weather, the activities I plan on doing, and the length of my trip determines how I rock my hair. Here are a few of my favorite vacation-ready hair styles:

” I don’t want to deal with my mane” hair

Hairstyle(s):Straightened Tousled Ponytail

Featured Destination: Poland

As much as I love my hair,  it is the last thing I want to spend time on when I’m on vacation. The initial investment of 3-4 hours it takes to straighten my hair is worth it for peace during my trip. My straightened hair can last about 1.5 to 2 weeks in places with dry heat and moderate humidity levels. A tousled ponytail is a stylish alternative to wearing my hair down. Both hairstyles are great because they are low maintenance.

” I’m going to the beach and actually getting in the water” hair

Hairstyle: Curly Wash & Go

Featured Destination: Portugal

Am I the only one guilty of going to beaches or the pool, but not getting inside of the water? Well on the days where I’m actually planning to partake in water activities, I prefer natural hairstyles like a wash and go. With my curly hair I can vacation freely without much concern for the weather. My routine to maintain my natural hair is a bit more involved than straightened hair. Usually I will begin my vacation with straightened hair and then end with curly hair.

“I can  maybe  get away with straight hair”

Hairstyle: Beach waves

Featured Destination: Morocco

Beach waves hair is ideal when I’m traveling to places where humidity is potentially an issue. If a little humidity touches my hair it will add more volume to the waves, which isn’t a bad thing to me. This hairstyle held up well in Morocco’s dry heat.

“When the humidity is disrespectful” hair

Hairstyle(s): French Milkmaid Braid Bun

Featured Destination: Ghana

I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea to straighten my hair for my trip to Ghana. It started out like this….

Literally within hours of my arrival it turned to this…
Humidity: 1, Jewels’ Straightened Hair: 0.

My Diana Ross hair was perfect for my birthday. But after that, I wanted my hair out of my face for the rest of my trip. French milkmaid braids and buns were the perfect dos for the hot and humid temperatures of Ghana.

What are your go to vacation hairstyles?

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