Why Mango House is the Best Accommodation in Seychelles

If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Seychelles, the 5-star hotel Mango House should be at the top of your list. When it comes to a dreamy tropical getaway, Seychelles tops the list of many wanderlust-filled hearts. Amidst the pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and crystal-clear waters of this Indian Ocean archipelago lies the Mango House Seychelles LXR Hotels & Resorts, an exquisite gem that provides an unforgettable escape. I had the pleasure of being hosted by Mango House during my solo trip to Seychelles. Here’s an overview of my Mango House experience and the offerings of this luxurious haven.


Nestled on the picturesque island of Mahè, Mango House boasts a prime beachfront location that epitomizes paradise. You’ll find yourself surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Anse Aux Pins Beach, where the turquoise waters meet powdery white sands. The azure sky and the gentle sway of palm trees will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a postcard.

5-Star Luxury Accommodation

Mango House offers a range of accommodation options to cater to different preferences. From deluxe rooms to spacious suites and private villas, each one is designed with modern elegance, a touch of Seychellois charm, and an uninterrupted sea view.

I stayed in the One Bedroom Bay House Suite with Plunge Pool, which was a dream! I loved the meaningful touches Mango House provides its guests including complimentary beach totes, beach hats, and hand-painted silk robes so guests can lounge in style and the utmost comfort during their stay.

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This boutique hotel is more of a relax and unwind than a party destination. What sets the Mango House apart is its warm and attentive staff. The Seychellois hospitality is second to none, making your stay a truly memorable experience. With just 41 rooms, three pools, and three restaurants, it never felt crowded.


Indulge your taste buds and choose from three tasty dining experiences. Muse offers a choice of Italian dishes, Azido offers Japanese cuisine, and Moutya allows guests to explore the delicious flavors of Seychelles through Creole food.


Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, the Mango House has you covered. Water sports enthusiasts can dive into snorkeling, kayaking, or paddleboarding, while those looking for tranquility can unwind by the pool or at the spa. The Mango House team can also arrange off-site excursions. If you’re looking to go hiking in Seychelles, I highly recommend the Copolia trail.

Despite it raining during the majority of my stay in Seychelles, it did not stop me from enjoying myself because of the various indoor activities offered at Mango House. I thoroughly enjoyed my curated bath experience, where a bath specialist set up my tub with essential oils and dried plants for me to create a customized scrub. I also took a cooking class and learned how to make fish curry, a Seychellois staple dish.


The Mango House takes its commitment to the environment seriously. They’ve implemented sustainable practices such as energy-efficient lighting, waste reduction, and support for local conservation efforts. Staying here means enjoying a luxurious getaway while minimizing your carbon footprint.

Your Tropical Oasis Awaits

The Hilton Mango House Hotel in Seychelles is not just a destination; it’s an experience. Whether you’re planning a romantic honeymoon, a family adventure, or a solo escape, rain or shine, this tropical oasis provides luxury, relaxation, and adventure in equal measure. With its stunning location, top-notch amenities, and commitment to sustainability, it’s a slice of paradise that should be on every traveler’s bucket list.

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