7 Tips for Creating a Zen Room

We are often juggling multiple responsibilities and coming across various stressors throughout the day. Creating a zen room in your home allows you to have a designated space where you can infuse wellness, tranquility, and relaxation into your daily routine. Your zen room could be your in-home yoga studio, a meditation space, or just your special quiet zone where you can relax without interruption.

It doesn’t take much to create a meditation room! Here are 7 tips for creating a zen room in your home:

  1. Pick your spot.

The only true requirement for creating a meditative space is that the area should be big enough for you to stretch your limbs, give you privacy, and is quiet. Consider building yours in an extra bedroom, your back patio, or a bonus area in your home.

2. Go for natural colors.

Zen-inspired spaces embrace natural colors and soft tones like white, grey, shades of beige, and pink beige. These are all colors that bring about a sense of calmness.

3. Get cozy and choose light fabrics.

Add a comforting vibe to your zen room by including soft rugs, meditation cushions, plush pillows, and blankets throughout your space. Light fabrics like sheer white curtains also help bring softness into the room.

4. Include soft and natural light.

Bring in soft natural lighting such as candles and floor lamps into your meditative space. Avoid harsh direct light from the ceiling as there is nothing calming about this.

5. Less is more.

Zen-inspired spaces reflect balance and harmony. Your wellness space should be clutter-free with minimal decorations and furniture. Orderly and clean environments invoke ease and readiness. Clutter can be distracting and cause the mind to wander during meditation. A floor length mirror is good to have for mirror work where you recite positive affirmations. Be intentional about your wellness room decor and include items that are special to you. Some of the personal items in my zen room include a baby photo of me, as well as, sea shells and crystals from my travels.

6. Elevate your zen room with natural scents.

You can enhance calmness in your wellness space through natural scents from candles, incense sticks, or essential oil (EO) diffusers. I love my Vitruvi Stone diffuser with their Pacific (EO) blend which contains pure amyris, bergamot, eucalyptus, lavender, and basil. The scent instantly relaxes me.

7. Invite calmness in with nature.

Nature is healing. You can bring the outdoors into your meditation room by incorporating natural elements like plants and crystals. Other meditation room essentials include sage to purify your space and palo santo to bring in positive energy.

We all deserve inner peace and a space dedicated to our well-being and mental health. I hope this article inspires you to create your own zen den! Let me know about your zen room essentials in the comments.

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