Daily Routine for a Productive and Healthier Day

In a given week, I’m balancing working full-time, producing content for my blog across multiple platforms, maintaining a social life, and staying healthy. It’s less overwhelming than it sounds because I have a consistent routine that helps me with productivity while supporting my happiness and wellbeing. Here’s a peak into my daily routine with tips on how you can create your own:

Make a weekly to-do list and modify it daily.

Every Sunday, I make a to-do list for the week and categorize it by Blog, Fitness/Wellness, and House. Having all of my deliverables written out helps me enter the week with ease. I create my to-do list using Evernote, but I also have a planner that I sometimes use to get the gratification of physically checking major items off. I use Evernote as my main task organization system because it allows me to easily rearrange my tasks. I modify my to-do list daily because I’m usually overly ambitious when I create it on Sunday.

Starting the day strong with a morning routine.

Having a morning routine is important because it sets the tone for your day. Here’s my morning routine:

  • Wake up at 5:30-6am (I’m an early bird so I like to front-load my important tasks)

  • Listen to some affirmations, sermons, or motivational speeches while doing my morning grooming

  • Make my bed ( having a neat space always makes me feel good)

  • 20-30 minutes of physical activity (usually yoga)

  • Breakfast with hot tea (oatmeal with goji berries or croissant with jam and fruit on the side are my go-to’s)

  • Work on my blog for at least an hour before logging on to work around 8 am

Incorporating wellness throughout the day.

Throughout the day I incorporate the following wellness activities to help get me through my workday:

  • Have essential oils running in my diffuser in my office ( I waver between lavender oils which is a calming scent and peppermint oil for an energy boost)

  • Drink water throughout the day (my goal is 8 glasses)

  • Take short stretch breaks and/or self-massage with my foam roller

Ending the day with an Evening Routine

As mentioned, I’m not an evening person, so for me, less is more for my nighttime routine:

  • Cook dinner

  • Spend an hour or so on blog tasks

  • Write out my gratitude list

  • Go to bed around 10 pm (I aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night)

I would love to hear about your daily routine! Let me know in the comments box below.


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